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          ELIXIFY is the umbrella for MUSIC - FILM - DESIGN projects involving

    Jaiv Koltun consisting of. . .

-- Jaiv´s ´live´ synchronised music/film show called ´MAGIC lives HERE´

-- Jaiv´s ´live´ acoustic show called ´QUIESSENCE´ A global journey                            blending ancient ethnic music styles with modern infusion    

-- Jaiv´s chillout, downtempo tracks & albums

-- Jaiv´s solo classical style extended piano compositions/suites 

-- Jaiv´s soundtrack compositions for Imaginary movies

-- Jaiv´s Waltzing Matilda project, the iconic Australian anthem


    This site also showcases some of Jaiv´s graphic design work

      which includes all the album cover artwork, fractal art & clothing design. . .


    I love having the freedom and joy that my projects bring into my life

      and into the world. . .

         Please enjoy listening to & watching, even wearing my creations. . . 


                 We hope you get EliXified too. . .


                                  WELCOME to my WORLD. . .


Elixify-Jaiv & Szilvi promo
JAIV promo wide 1.jpg

© 2016-17 Proudly created by Jaiv Koltun 

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