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¨QUIESSENCE¨ ´live´ acoustic show


      With an eclectic sound that centers around the Saz

ELIXIFY presents the ancient & modern sounds of the ´live´ acoustic/electric show called “QUIESSENCE” . . . 

      A musical journey around the world blending ancient

Arabic, Turkish, Siberian and Anatolian styles with modern infusion. . .

      Featuring Jaiv on the Saz and voice, backed with bass, beats and computer trax. . .      


Cultural diversity creating acoustical harmony. . . 

Saz - an ancient Arabic/Turkish 3 double stringed instrument that precedes the modern guitar 


                    Quiessence - serenity - spirit - soul

Sarazen - front 1.jpg



Some music from ´´QUIESSENCE´´

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